A.CCGC stands for Cambria Center for the Gifted Child
A. Breakfast and hot lunch are both available through the Department of Education. Lunch is based on income, but, parents can also provide their own.
A. Students entering 1st thru 5th are tested using a standardized test with reading comprehension and math. Additionally, oral reading assessment is done along within a writing sample. Students are also asked to spend a day for observation. Four year olds and Kindergarteners are given an assessment before being placed. Students entering Pre-K to Kindergarten are asked to spend one month during the summer program during which time an assessment is done and a developmental evaluation is completed for three year olds. Please see the Admission Requirements.
A. All students in Kindergarten through 5th grade are required to wear uniforms (green and yellow colors.) While Pre-K is not required to do so, many parents elect to have them worn. Information is given at the orientation meeting for new parents.
A.  Afterschool offers Dance, Chess, Voice, Drums, Steel Pan, Piano, Entrepreneur, Karate, Strings (Violin, Cello, and Viola), Drama, Art, Computer and Lego Robotics.
A. In Toddlers (2 year olds) there are twelve (12) with a teacher and two assistants. In Pre- Kindergarten the three year olds are usually ten (10) with a teacher. The four year old groups are eighteen (18) with a teacher and an assistant. Kindergarten is usually 10-15 with one teacher. First through fifth grades may vary from thirteen (13) to twenty (20), our maximum, with a teacher.
A. Yes. All classes attend at least four (4) trips per year. Parents are welcome to attend depending on space availability.
A. Throughout the year, the school and the Parent Group Association schedule many performances/activities. All students are required to perform at a school assembly. In addition, we have an Annual Music Recital, Drama and Dance Performance and Talent Show, etc.
A. CCGC has a very active PGA, which meets monthly except September, December and June. In addition, the PGA arranges for movie nights, game night, book fairs, science fair, bowling events, valentine’s dance, to name a few.
A. Parents are required to participate in 2-3 fundraising events during the year which vary in type. For parents who are unable to participate, a monetary payment will be accepted instead.
A. CCGC does not provide bus service, but can provide a list of companies that presently service our area and school. The school does provide metro cards to eligible students.

A. Pre-kindergarten is licensed by the NYC Board of Health Bureau of Daycare. Grade school is overseen by NYS Department of Education- Non- Public School Division.

The After School Program is licensed by the NYS Office of Children and Family Services and through the Board of Health.

A. No, we do not close for all the extra holidays that Public School does but we do close for all National holidays.