CSE History

The creation of Cambria School of Excellence is a direct outgrowth and continuation of the work of Cambria Center for the Gifted Child (CCGC). Over the first twenty nine (29) years, graduates and parents had long voiced complaints regarding the lack of quality middle school programs which would continue the rigorous accelerated academic program while maintaining small classrooms and a nurturing environment.

Started in 1980, CCGC had developed an outstanding reputation in servicing Pre-School to 5th grade students. During that time, many graduates attended many of the elite private independent prep schools and programs such as Prep-for-Prep and Early Steps. Those unwilling to leave the Queens area felt a lack of decent options to continue what began at CCGC. Finally, Cambria School of Excellence (CSE) began in September 2009 with its first group of 6th grade students.